What's New at Essentia ...

08/13/2022 - The website has been updated with the newly revised Essentia® Discovery Card Deck and booklet.

07/31/2015 - The Essentia® Atom has been updated and a new section with the Essentia® Discovery Deck has been added.

06/01/2014 - An update about Essentia history. Come back and visit, the new site should be up soon!

01/29/2010 - Essentia has moved to a new hosting service. 10/20/2003 - Work has resumed to update the site.

07/21/1999 - The "Links" section has been completly revised. They're easier to read and better organized. There are many new links as well, for a total of over 500 quality links!

02/02/1999 - The Essentia Website has a new look! There's more graphics and scripting now, so expect a more visually appealing experience. The pages may take a bit longer to load, but after it's finished it's stored in your cache and you won't need to wait again. So be patient, it's worth it!

02/01/1999 - The old Essentia Website has been retired, after many iterations and revisions. Onward to the future!