The Absolutes

In the four corners of the spread cloth are circles representing the four metaphysical principles that are the foundation of the Essentia Atom. They are the independent source from which the Atom emerges.

  • A - The Absolute, the universal reality that is within, throughout and contains all existence and all possibilities. It is the transcendent unity which is shared by all the Absolutes and elements.
  • AP - Absolute Potentiality, the pure potentiality that is the source of new possibilities, and is at the center of all existence.
  • AV - Absolute Void, the pure nothingness, the perfect emptiness, that is invisible to us and allows all existence to be exactly what it is.
  • PE - Potential Existence, the possibilities that exist in our world, and all the possibilities that influence our lives. Existence that might, or might not, come into being.

Cards can be placed on these circles to bring the influence of these Absolutes into a reading, or to indicate that the reading is expanding into the Absolutes. Place a card on A to indicate it is directly affected by the influence of a universal higher power that unifies and actualizes all existence. Place a card on AP to indicate that pure potentiality can allow new events and manifestations to occur within the context of that card. Place a card on PE to indicate that it sits on the boundary of what will be and will not be, and is a strong influence on the choices that determine what will exist in the future . Place a card on AV to signify that what the card represents has been released into nothingness and is now disconnected from your essential being.