The Essentia Cards and Layout

Welcome to your personal tool for meditation, inspiration, guidance, and discovering your true self and your connection to the world.  It aims to inspire you to be fully in control your life and become your highest self, and hopefully this tool will help you in making choices that are beneficial to yourself, to others, and to all life on our planet.  The deck can also be a useful tool for understanding other people when the cards are used together with them.

Each card has a primary keyword defining the central concept that the card represents.  Three secondary words further expand the meaning of each card.  Normal use of the cards involves placing these cards on the Essentia Atom spread cloth, which is included with the deck.

The Essentia Atom provides the framework used to create a context for understanding the concepts embodied in the Essentia cards, and allows building a relationships between the cards.  The cards, when placed on the elements of the Essentia Atom, together create a larger and more complex concept.  The Essentia Atom helps in exploring both the full meaning of the concepts represented by the individual cards,  the larger concept of the cards together, and the overall meaning of the spread. 

You can download the booklet here.