A Few Words About Essentia ...

Essentia  [ Latin, stemming from esse (to be) f. Gr. esti f. Gr. einai (to be) ]

  • Being, existence, as a fact or as a property possessed by something.
  • The true, inherent and ultimate nature of an entity. The intrinsic reality of being.
  • The foundation of being. The underling reality by which anything exists.
  • That which constitutes the being of a thing. That by which a thing is what it is.
  • That which is basic, necessary and indispensable to constitute specific existence.
  • Distinctive being which has specific characteristics, qualities, properties, attributes, etc.
  • The persistent nature and character by which an entity is known.
  • The most important, indispensable quality or constituent element of a thing.
  • One that has or shows an abundance of a quality as if highly concentrated.
  • A spiritual or incorporeal entity.

Essentia is a unique part of cyberspace, which endeavors to be a spiritual and intellectual sanctuary for those seeking enlightenment and personal well being. It acts as a personal site, where an individual can come to find information and inspiration, and where you can revisit familiar places to regain focus and balance. Essentia is also universal in nature and embraces the progressive cultures of the past and present and seeks to define a lifestyle that integrates them. As we enter the new Millennium, our older cultures, 60s/70s and New Age cultures, and the TechnoCulture of the 90s will fuse into a new culture and mindset. Individuals who share this mindset will be constantly defining their new identity and will seek intense interconnectivity with other like-minded individuals. Essentia will be a primary contact point for this.

This is a challenging and complex goal, but one worth pursuing and a journey worth taking, and Essentia has begun the long path towards this ideal. The resulting web site that you will find here contains pictures, poems, music, digital art, sounds, quotes, links, facts, mantras, stories and much more. It is a collection that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of yourself and the cosmos, to nurture inner peace and composure, to illustrate the oneness of all things and the beauty of life, and to further wisdom and insight.