Atom - Progression of Elements

Element ProgressionThe seven elements of the Essentia Atom follow a set sequence as potentiality acts to express itself. This sequence begins with material existence and ends with the synergistic integration of all the elements. The progression is powered by a life force seeking to express its full potentiality and the potentiality contained in each element. This progression can be compared to Kundalini ascending thru the chakras, and to √Član Vital acting within matter as an impetus for growth and evolution. When the final central element is reached, this life force transforms into the power of integration and unification, and actualizes the Atom. How this potentiality manifests is represented by the cards placed on the spread cloth.

The Essentia Atom sequence is:

  1. Cosmos is the world of material existence. It is the physical reality that is the foundation of all that exists and is alive in our universe.
  2. Potential is the world of possibilities. It contains all the potentiality which can come into existence within our universe.
  3. Other is the world of life manifesting in individual stable forms, and as the countless sentient beings living in the universe we experience.
  4. Self is the world of personal identity and individual being. This inner world is the conscious observer who experiences the universe.
  5. Emotion is the world of sensations and feelings. It is the reality we experience through our physical existence, creating an impression within our consciousness that we can know and understand.
  6. Intellect is the world of thoughts and ideas, where concepts have their own reality and consciousness has the greatest freedom.
  7. Essentia is the world of integration, balance and unity where all the elements combine together to form a single integrated element.